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Looking to probably change the theme or layout of the site

by Dude-Suit on Dec.31, 2012, under Blog

Thinking of changing the layout or “theme” around on the site. Not sure if I’ll go with a lighter or stay with the dark theme or 1 to 3 columns and such.

The mobile device theme will stay the same for now so mobile devices will not be affected. But desktop viewers may notice subtle changes or big changes to the look and layout of the site over the next few days. Not exactly sure which way I’ll go or if it’ll be a permanent change just thinking about something new for the new year.

For those that are curious I currently use the ‘Pixel’ theme as it is an older simpler them that hasn’t been updated in a while I’ve been thinking a change is in order. Perhaps I may even work on designing one from scratch. Anyhow leave a comment if you have any tips, ideas, etc, course this site is mainly at the moment a ‘stream of consciousness’ blog of my favorites and ideas with the most popular sections being my Dude Suit Radio streaming server, Stern links, and info for UK users to bypass PirateBay blocks.

If you would like to suggest some ideas feel free to leave a comment. If you happen to enjoy a particular WordPress theme then please drop me a comment with the name of the theme and I’ll definitely check it out. If you’d like to browse the bulk of WordPress themes you can find them here http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/ although there are 3rd party companies that also design and offer free and commercial themes as well. Just curious what people like mainly, lighter background versus darker background, then 1 to 3 columns or perhaps no columns and use seperate pages instead. Let me know what ya think if you feel like it, I’m curious.

Have a Happy New Year!

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