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Kickass Torrents update

by Dude-Suit on Jun.13, 2013, under News

Update: The common url for Kickass Torrents http://kat.ph is back up but it now redirects automatically to http://kickass.to

The common url for Kickass Torrents website http://kat.ph went down around 2 weeks ago. There is an article on Torrentfreak discussing the original situation.

A few moments ago KickassTorrents disappeared from the Internet prompting the usual flurry of worried emails. While these instances of downtime are usually down to minor technical issues that tend to sort themselves out, there are signs that something a little more serious might be underway. Details are sketchy but at the moment it appears that the site’s KAT.ph domain is being replaced with a new one, KickAss.to.

Source: http://torrentfreak.com/kat-ph-goes-down-following-domain-issues-switches-to-kickass-to-130613/

But the original domain is now back up and redirecting to their new domain http://kickass.to

keep an eye on up to date Torrent news over on TorrentFreak


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SternNation forum down at the moment

by Dude-Suit on Jan.18, 2013, under Blog

Update (1/20/2013): The site is back up, Mike had been a bit under the weather and didn’t see the domain renewal notice, he renewed and the site is back up now. So come on over if interested in nice place to hang out, uncensored , unfiltered 🙂


The Sternnation.com forums are down at the moment. Well the forums are probably up and just fine. The problem is the domain name has expired today 1/17/13.

Don’t know if Mike was aware of the impending renewal fee or that the yearly term was up so soon and the reminder email may have slipped his mind.

I’m just speculating. Anyhow soon as I hear anything I’ll update this post.

I know Mike stays pretty busy, so you usually have a grace period to renew before the domain releases, so if that’s the case once Mike notices it should fire back up once the DNS propagates.

otherwise as they say on old tv serials “Stay Tuned…”


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Dude-Suit is Back!

by Dude-Suit on Apr.30, 2011, under Blog

Oh my God! Finally I have regained my domain name I owned many years ago! Lot of work to do on the new site, configurations, bells and whistles but dude-suit.net lives again!

You know that was called for…



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