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Received my new Raspberry Pi today

by Dude-Suit on Dec.01, 2012, under Blog

I mentioned it in a post long ago about ordering, and have been waiting months to finally receive my order. It’s been an aggravating ordeal, and the company I dealt with was not very good with communication, but I believe the main problem was at the time of my order I was ordering from Allied Electronics in the UK since the US site at the time wasn’t selling them. Of course there was a delay due to emissions testing issues and other delays as well, but due to the delays I was given an “upgraded” board or rather “Revision 2” board, and I can understand a bit of the wait due to the immense popularity of the device, my only gripe is wishing communication was better instead of since I am in the U.S. my emails would be routed to the U.S. part of the company and they had no records of my order or any information about the devices and was offered to register on their UK website, but problems kicked up there since if you are in the U.S. you can not register on the UK website it gives errors requiring UK address/phone/etc.

Anyhow since my original order the sites in the U.S. are now selling them so newer orders should be smoother, but if you are interested it’s best to order as soon as possible as the demand seems to be out weighing the supply which keeps putting people waiting weeks for resupply.

I took some photos of my Raspberry PI and a custom clear case I ordered as well and put them on Flickr for anyone interested.

9 photos with the custom clear case, board, and board mounted in the case: http://www.flickr.com/photos/qoaa/sets/72157632136696321/

If you are interested in ordering one yourself you can go here: http://www.raspberrypi.org/

The Model B, the version I purchased, comes with 512MB ram and an ethernet port. There is a Model A version that comes without the ethernet port and only has 256MB ram instead.

Model B costs $35 and the Model A costs $25

The uses for these are limited by your imagination, many people are using them as headless servers, to router projects, media centers with XBMC software, music players, robotic controllers, etc. Just hop over to Youtube and do a search for Raspberry PI and there are hundreds of videos and projects on display.


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