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How to find links removed by DMCA takedown requests

by Dude-Suit on Nov.19, 2012, under Blog

When someone posts a link to a file, be it direct download or torrent and it disappears due to copyright it was usually thanks to the horribly broken DMCA takedown system. I won’t go into detail on how DMCA works, you can read about it here to get the general idea.

So lets say you are curious how to find these links that have been removed by search engines, forums, link sharing sites, torrent sites.

There is a DMCA takedown repository that publishes unredacted takedown notices.

Chilling Effects‘ site keeps a database of DMCA takedown requests submitted to search engines, web hosting companies, torrent sites, forums, etc and knowing what to look for you can view the original takedown notices which by law the takedown notice itself must have the infringing links listed so the entity receiving the dmca takedown request knows what and where to takedown.

You can use this information against the DMCA system itself and look through these takedown notices, particularly ones against search engines like google to find direct links to content you may want to download. Usually takedown notices to filesharing sites, torrents and the like the link will disappear and not work anymore. But the “juicy” links come from DMCA takedowns issued to search engines like google, bing, etc which they request to remove the listing from their search engine directly so it can’t be “stumbled” upon by a simple google search.

To see the latest DMCA notices on Chilling Effects you can go to their website and click to top right and go through “Recently Linked Cease & Desists” to find some interesting links to content. Or try directly searching their database here http://www.chillingeffects.org/search.cgi


Chilling Effects recently turned off their search engine for the time being, but you can still search chilling effects database of takedowns using Google.

Go to Google and in the search bar type

site:chillingeffects.org [search query]

so for example if I wanted to look up all DMCA takedown notices for the movie Argo I would go to google and search

site:chillingeffects.org Argo

and press enter and enjoy 🙂


Here is a link to a recent DMCA takedown request to google to remove links on their search engine: http://www.chillingeffects.org/dmca512c/notice.cgi?NoticeID=693651


As you can see you can find some interesting links by searching and browsing through published DMCA takedown notices and many of the links continue to work, especially DMCA notices sent to search engines, since all the search engine will do is remove the link from their search engine.

It’s also a good trick for finding what “They” don’t want you to see.




and happy hunting!

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