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Beardyman Assembly with mr_hopkinson Edinburgh 2011

by Dude-Suit on Jun.16, 2012, under Music, Youtube

Always love seeing new Beardyman content pop up on his youtube channel. Being in a location that makes it impossible to see him live.

The latest upload to his youtube channel is Assembly with mr_hopkinson in Edinburgh dated August 2011.

Although it was uploaded to his youtube channel Jun 10, 2012.


From the video’s description

 ‘Assembly’ – BEARDYMAN with mr_hopkinson improvising on the internet at ASSEMBLY ROOMS, Edinburgh August 2011

Improvised live before your ears and eyes (i.e. from the start neither of us knew what was going to happen anymore than the audience, or you . . . )

00:14 “I haven’t even started yet . . .”
00:21 “BUT you know what . . . ” [ Rhythmic Raspberry Blowing ]
01:12 Fetch
02:21 Beardy’s Laboratory
04:18 Introducing Mister Goddamn Hopkinson
05:10 Dinnae Look (A pie inside a pie)
09:57 A Sixties Soul Tune about Snorkelling (inside a Water Balloon)
13:25 The Pet Shop Boys Dubstep all about Ginger Donkeys
16:00 A Thing
19:14 Never Do Salvia (Again)
19:38 Another Story (Dance Mix)
23:35 Rattlesnakes (Reggae Polka)
27:06 Herbie Hancock Showtune Techno
31:51 David Bellamy in The South of Spain
35:52 Top Gun & Elvis (D’n’b HipHop)
39:56 Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Cover of Saint Etienne, covering Neil Young)
44:39 End Credits

Subscribe to Beardyman’s youtube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/beardyman




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