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Howard Stern Show Online Streaming

by Dude-Suit on May.03, 2011, under Howard Stern, Shoutcast


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Hunting around the web one can find many hidden gems for streaming various media from live television to streaming radio. So with a little hunting of my own and after being asked to post what I come across I offer it here. I will try to keep the links updated, but remember as with all things internet “here today, gone tomorrow” so no guarantees.

Links were dead, I haven’t really kept up to date as I quit listening long ago. If anyone finds stream urls, just post them in comments and I’ll add them to page.

Below is 2 working torrent links to download the daily show via torrent. You can download today’s show and listen or toss it on your mobile device/ipod and enjoy on the go.




For those unable to stream or wanting to download shows for time shifting or to listen on your mobile device and are familiar with using torrents (I recommend uTorrent free open source easy to use torrent client) you can find daily shows as well as wrap-up shows here


Pirate Bay – Torrent archive of shows updated daily


Kickass Torrents – Torrent archive of shows updated daily


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148 Comments for this entry

  • Ted

    You’re awesome man!

  • Frank

    The Stern 100 stream is asking for a login.

    • Cito

      It shouldn’t, although I do use Winamp to stream. When you click on the “click here to listen” in firefox at least it pops up a choice to open with or save as. Choose Open with and select your audio player. I use Winamp and it automatically starts streaming. Let me know though.

  • Kevin

    THANK YOU! I can’t believe I can hear him again! Much appreciated!

  • Fred

    Fantastic work. Kudos to you, mate.

  • blumpkin

    live stream hasnt worked for at least a couple days

    • Cito

      The H100 stream works when he’s live. Will see if the 101 streams come back up if not will find others or remove them.

    • Cito

      Fixed the H101 streams

      added a 32kbit stream, although they usually reach max listeners on the server quick just keep trying you’ll eventually get on the stream.

    • Big B

      Same here, just left a comment to take a look at it. Was working fine up until this week. No matter how many times, I re-download the stream or try to play it. We shall see.

  • Cito

    Added more mirrors for the H101 streams

  • pointdexter

    thanks man appreciated you the man !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bobby

    Looks like the 100 stream is playing 101?

  • Cito

    I’ve added a theme to make viewing my site on mobile devices such as iphone, ipod touch, etc easier to read and should be little faster to load.

  • Howard Stern

    You’re stealing from me! Then again, everybody steals from me, just ask Jay.
    Seriously though, awesome work man.

  • Emile

    Awesome, thanks so much! If the 100 stream could loop, that’d be great! Also, if the titles/genre fields could default to something cleaner like “Howard 100” and “Radio”, that’d be cool too; small thing, I know.

    • Cito

      Yea the 100 link plays the Stern show only when it’s live, otherwise it plays music, I don’t run the stream so can’t do anything about the title/genre fields.
      Only stream I run myself is Dude Suit Radio which is just 24/7 music that I run.

  • tom

    many thanks and a question : how do i make the live show stream on android ?

    • Cito

      When you click on the link in Android I think it should automatically start playing. If not search for any app that can play shoutcast streams there are free apps that can play shoutcast, then you’d just copy and paste the stream link into the app and use it instead.

      on iPod,iPhone,iPad you can just click the link and it automatically plays. At least testing on my iPod Touch which is only mobile device I have.

      of course on desktop pc/mac a program like Winamp, VLC, Media player or your favorite music player can also stream it.

  • John

    thanks , awesome !!!

  • Bill gates

    Hello,great site!! I cannot get it to work on my droid,I tried the links u say at the bottom of page,torrents ,all of them but its always download unsuccessful,i have java and plugins enabled,any ideas for me?? Thank you,and I have no trouble on my pc all work fine!

    • Cito

      yea the torrent links at bottom probably won’t work with any mobiles, since it requires torrent program. And unless you have a torrent app for mobile then best bet is to download the previous shows torrents onto your pc/mac/laptop at home then load the mp3 onto your mobile device that way.

      the streams should work on mobile devices though, unless the server is full. Which sometimes they are, if so, try another stream.

      But the torrent stuff at bottom is best used on a desktop or laptop so you can download the previous show’s mp3, then you can load it onto your mobile device for listening/storing.

  • sizzla

    i notice you have the same terrible taste in music as howard does. thanks for making me suffer through this garbage for 5 minutes before the show starts.

  • Dim

    Man… you are the best. Thanks so much for keeping this alive and running

  • abby

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop. I really appreciate your efforts to do this as I’m sure do many others. :)

  • tadude

    this stream still live? heard tht artie fool on it today

    • Cito

      The H100 should be live only when the show is live, although with all the vacations and breaks it may play some repeats and such.
      The H101 stream is live last I checked. H101 when there isn’t a 101 show playing like fan round table or whatnot it plays repeats and past shows also.

      So everything should be good to go for now. Although things could change anytime of course.

  • Bobby

    Holy shit, this is awesome, I’m actually listening to Howard, live! Instead of searching the youtube for archives, God bless you bro, you tha shiznit!

  • tadude

    do you know when hes bak live?

  • Paul

    Your site is awesome. Thank u. Do you guys take donations to keep the links up or anything? Thx

    • Cito

      Naa, the links are just found links from digging around the net, I don’t own the streams.
      The only stream I run myself is the Dude Suit Radio stream link which streams commercial free music trance/trip hop/ambient 24/7.
      I did put a very small google adsense text ad on the right for anyone that wanted to say ‘thanks’ so to speak.

      just helping out

  • John

    How do u stream on Android ?

  • Rich

    Are you kidding me, how great is it that STERN is back. been looking for free online content for years now and i have finally found it, LOVE IT….plus all the other content of old shows 24HOWARD!!!!!

  • Rich

    can i get a shout out????

  • tori

    thanks for this site and is there any videos we can watch like howard tv

    • Cito

      If you have a torrent program you can download Howard TV episodes off either KickassTorrents or PirateBay

      Here is some sorted by date

      Kickasstorrents: http://kat.ph/usearch/Howard%20TV/?field=time_add&sorder=desc
      PirateBay: http://thepiratebay.se/search/howard%20tv/0/3/0

      Now if you have Newsgroup access, you can get all HowardTV episodes usually within an hour after they appear on television.
      You will want to use a Newsgroup client that supports binaries, something like Grabit which is freeware or Newsbin Pro
      and you will need access to a newsgroup server, many internet companies provide newsgroup access but many cable companies stopped offering access to newsgroups.

      You can get all the latest up to the minute Howard TV episodes at the newsgroup: alt.binaries.howard-stern.on-demand

      if you want to sign up for newsgroup access if your internet provider doesn’t offer them, then I recommend using Giganews

  • chappy

    I have been a dedicated listener for a while now, however this morning when I went to begin streaming, it is now asking me for a login and password.. any ideas of what may have happened?

  • Diamond Godde$$!!!

    Thanks SO much for the AWESOME Stern live stream and archives!
    I’m enjoying it every morning.
    Sound quality is phenomenal.

  • Diamond Godde$$!!!

    It is saying I can’t download live Howard because the “installer file is damaged”.
    What do I do now?

    • Cito

      the first link for H100 is a .pls stream, make sure you use a client that supports .pls stream, which most any shoutcast streaming program will.
      A direct link http://www.g000gle.net:8069/, Stern Show only live when Howard is live, otherwise music.

      • Diamond Godde$$!!!

        I just downloaded the Winnit (spelling?) media player from the Shoutcast site, and still no go.
        This started about a month ago. I don’t know if I downloaded something that interfered with RealPlayer, which is how it used to come up.
        I’ll try the Google link.

        • Diamond Godde$$!!!

          The same thing happens with that Google link–no go. =(
          Do I have other options to get the live Howard feed, or do I need to uninstall something that’s in the way of it now?
          Thank You!!!

  • Big B

    g000gle link is working, opened automatically in my VLC player

  • Sean Taylor

    where’s jewboy today? i guess he had to take the whole week off because thursday is valentine’s day. beth probably threatened to go away with her real boyfriend if howard didnt eat her asshole in fiji all week. fn kike faggot.

  • Wade

    You removed the red “shuffle” option at the top of this page, which sucks because now we can’t read the details of what a particular episode is about.

    The player at the top will access the shuffle files, but you cannot expand the player to determine what the show is about. You can only see the first word or two.

    You should bring back the shuffle option at the top so we can view it in a separate window.

  • Jesse

    One of the Howard 100 links are dead.

    • Cito

      I updated the link, the h100 links usually are only live when the show is live then they just swap to music.

      the h101 links play the replays also the link to replays/archives will have the days show as well if you missed it you can stream and pause it at will with that link

  • Zac O'Neal

    Where did the 24/7 Streaming Howard 100 go, you don’t need 2 live H100 stations. Please fix back to the 24/7 stream of H100 so we can listen to reruns and best of the weeks

    • Cito

      it’s down for now, you can listen to H101, it plays replays of the show, also if you missed the live show go here: http://goo.gl/4eZp3

      if you missed the latest show you can replay it here: http://goo.gl/4eZp3 on the flash player

      if you want stern shuffle or download a show catch it here: http://goo.gl/LnK9E

      for the moment the all day h100 is off for now, remember I don’t run those streams just aggregate them.

      so catch the 100 stream when the show is live, otherwise catch H101 for 24/7 live h101 channel replays and other shows, or catch the links in this post for the latest show archives or listen to older shows.

  • adrian_spunk

    I listen to the howard 100 and 101 streams every day. please keep these up and continue to be awesome. drop by http://www.reddit.com/r/howardstern/

  • Big B

    VLC is unable to open the MRL ‘http://mypirateserver.com:8069/’.
    is the error I get every time I have tried to open the stream this week. Used to work but I just cannot get it to play.

    • Cito

      works for me in Winamp.

      try going to the status page and listening from it here with your web browser: http://mypirateserver.com:8069/ then click Listen link in top center. It also shows how many are listening and such.

      Also you can use the 1st and 3rd links for H100 as well if the 2nd link gives you problems.

      • Big B

        Thanks for the link, I will give it a shot in the a.m.
        The music loads & plays right now so that is a good sign. I did try the 1st link as well with the same results, that’s when I knew I had to speak up. Thanks man.

  • Big B

    I don’t get it. Anytime the show is NOT on, the links work. Anytime the show IS on, VLC can’t open the MRL

    • Cito

      you have to keep trying… the streams don’t have unlimited bandwidth.. for example click here to see the maximum amount of listeners the stream supports
      and so on for the others

      each stream have different “Max Listeners” when those max listeners fill up new listeners will have to keep refreshing, someone has to drop before a new listener can get on.

      for 128kb streams that’s roughly 12.8K/sec per listener so bandwidth use adds up fast. I don’t run those streams, so when the show is live, get on early to make sure you have a spot on the stream, or keep refreshing over and over and usually someone will drop and you can get on then.

  • mike

    Thanks for the stream.
    I pay for sir*us to listen to howard but I don’t think they should charge extra to listen online….

  • matt

    hey, the show is on today, why no stream ? it’s streaming this day in howard stern history.

  • Rich

    There’s music playing in the back round I can’t hear the interview

  • B

    You’re awesome. Thank you

    • Cito

      😛 no prob
      These links are easily findable “googling” around… I just wanted to put them in one place for folks to find it easier.
      Course links come and go and I’ll try to keep them up but as with anything online no guarantees they’ll work, so enjoy while they do.

  • mmidi

    Both howard 100 links require username and password!

    • Cito

      copy the links directly into your player, they work for me without password, I have both links bookmarked in Winamp, but you can copy and paste the url into Media player, VLC, Winamp or similar alternatives in the mac world. Or on smartphone devices the links should work directly, if not download a shoutcast app and copy/paste the url into it.

  • nick

    What happened to the streaming history links you just got rid of it some new crap

    • Cito

      The Streaming history links still there, for archived shows click here: http://goo.gl/4eZp3 same link in the original post. The middle of page will load a flash based player where you can stream older archived shows, or you can download the mp3 from the interface easily. There is also a link to the daily torrents in the original post sorted by date newest to oldest. You can also stream the stern shuffle that playes older episodes. You can also go here: http://goo.gl/LnK9E

  • nick

    Its not there cito, maybe because I’m on mobile it takes me to 101.5 page with a message about being very experimental. There are no archives to download worked perfect before the change.

    • Cito

      ah ok, yea on mobile I don’t think it works, since the archive player/downloader is a flash app in center of page. I don’t think the smarphones support flash. You can use this for older shows on mobile though http://goo.gl/LnK9E
      click a date then press play should stream it to your mobile device.

      the other link requires flash capable web browser for it to work unfortunately.

  • Mary

    Your links to the daily shows lead to a description of stations! Just thought I’d let you know!

    • Cito

      You need flash enabled browser to see the archived links, since it’s a flash plugin that has the daily shows you click to play or download the mp3 version

  • Sebastian

    Can no longer stream yesterday show. Why the change?

    • Cito

      no clue, may have been a problem, check the daily archives link with a flash enabled web browser and download yesterday’s show if you missed it

  • nick

    Thanks for opening up the one that supports mobile your the best!

    • Cito

      Welcome, I didn’t realize a lot of mobile users were indeed using the links, my bad :) I found that alternate link for mobile users without flash. All kudos goes to the site owners of course that the links go to, I’m just trying to make it easier for folks to find until the show finally retires, or the links/sites up and disappear, whichever comes first :)

  • Kalashnikov

    The live stream is available through piratestation.net

  • Steve

    Why isnt the shuffle working?

  • jon

    yo,thank you so much!ur the man

  • Stan

    Loving this stream man. I work for the government and Im stuck here secluded area with no access to media.. just my phone. And I stream Stern from your links. I listen to it every day. It keeps me sane. You don’t know how much we appreciate this.

  • Sal

    Does anyone have a link to HOWARD TV episodes?

  • Rick

    Hey love the stream but the wifi is down at work and I don’t think they will be fixing it anytime soon. Can someone tell me how to get a podcast of the show on my iphone??!! Thanks

  • matt

    will the live bday bash be streaming on the howard 100 link?

  • Joe

    Hey the Howard 100 link that replays the show has been down for awhile… Will it be fixed?
    Love what you do! Thanks!

  • Dank 216

    all the h101 are still not working and also the last h100 doesn`t not work. the only ones that are working are the first two 100`s that go to music after the wrap up show!! please fix !!

  • Cito

    Updated and Fixed links

    Sorry some links are dead permanently.

    Note: The H100 stream you will only hear the Howard Stern Show when the show is actually live, when the show goes off the air it is switched to music.

    I have fixed the H101 streams, but they are slowly disappearing, plus not many people really listen to this show anymore I stopped about 3 years ago but try to keep the streams up to date.

    If you missed any of the shows scroll down and click the daily archives. That page keeps the latest show with ability to download or stream it in a flash player.

    You can also click the stern show shuffle links to download specific episodes or to stream them over the web and create your own shuffle.

    Again H100 channel the Stern show is only live when the actual show is on the air, otherwise it plays music

    The H101 channels are back working but are disappearing so enjoy while you can.

    otherwise use the archive links listed below the streaming links.


  • Dank216

    thank you!! works great again!!! keep up the good work !! don`t know what i would without this site!!

  • Dank216

    both 101`s are down again and is there anyway you can put the howard 100 up again that doesnt play music after 11am ? that link is gone now

    • Cito

      Both 101s are working for me, if they are full they may give error as their is a max number of listeners the stream supports.

      The old h100 was taken offline , I don’t run the streams just link them, so the current h100 is live when the show is live, you can get replays at the links below the stream.
      Daily replays are here http://goo.gl/4eZp3 as well as h101 streams and link to h100 stream live when show is live.

      If I find more streams I’ll add them, but his popularity is dead, nobody really cares to source many streams.

      The 30 day trick still works on Sirius, use a throwaway email like 10minutemail (Google) then sign up for free 30 day trial, use web player or mobile app to play any Sirius channel, at end of 30 days sign up for free 30 day trial using new free throwaway email :-)

  • D. K. A. Fox

    Today I just found your site. I’ve read everything posted and took notes of websites but when I got down to bottom found out most are gone. I’m new at streaming and if I have a windows PC should I download Flashplayer. Do I need flashPlayer to use http://goo.gl/4eZp3? Will that get me the archives and Howard H100?I also have iphone 5c I read that there is a link to use on mobile without flash. What is that site. I WANT TO THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU HAVE DONE THE LAST 3 YEARS. You are so timely in answering questions, hooking up links and keeping us in the know. I have Sirius in our suv but I don’t think that makes a difference to try and use same Auth# for the computer. Is mp3 a Mac program? I’m windows. Again thank you so much. Howard Stern starts my 430am jump start. Half to have it. Addicted. All your help will be appreciated and any other info that you think may help me that I didn’t know to ask. Have a good day!

    • Cito

      Yes you need flash. But if you don’t have flash you can download shows here
      No flash needed for those.

      For the streaming links you can use an app in android called TuneIn or Shoutcast, then copy & paste the stream address into app where you can manually enter stream url’s and play that way. I use TuneIn for android on my Nexus 7.
      There is free version of TuneIn you can try here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tunein.player

      You can browse preset streams, or add your own address, then just copy paste the address into the app and save as favorite/bookmark.

  • SupaFly is 187

    Is the live stream for 100 lagging for anyone else recently? For me it starts out smooth then about 3 or 4 minutes in it starts cutting out ever 10 seconds constantly. Just curious if there is a codec or something that I’m missing, it used to work just fine.

  • SupaFly is 187

    If your having problems with this site as I am try SHOUTcast radio seems to work fine, just until this site gets back up. Not to take anything away from Dude-suit, just looks like they are scrambling this signal.


  • Joe

    Cito you are the best! Just wanted to send some appreciation your way this morning. THANK YOU!!!

  • Steve

    Stern show shuffle not working. Dont delete this message again.***********

  • jarrod

    these sites are great but they haven’t been working much of the last week they keep dropping out or something

  • Ray

    Thanks so much, use ur website every night to replay what I missed in the morning. Really appreciate what your doing!

  • chappy62

    Looks like all of the Stern links are still down. Hopefully you can get them restored soon! I’m craving my daily dose of Sternthology! :)

  • Tinman

    Thanks Cito!! Not going to ask why.. Just wanted to say thanks for hooking it up! You da man.. Best of luck…
    For now…. 30 day free trial, then get a new trial… Still liked the archived shows.. Oh well!

  • Mike

    Where can I find these old shows now? Can’t live without this site!! Help!!

    • Cito

      I removed dead links, but I posted 2 links to updated torrents for pirate bay and kickasstorrents that post the daily show.

      I’ll add streaming links as I find them or if anyone post link in comments I’ll add it to page.

  • Rusty

    The shuffle is not working

    • Cito

      links are dead, removed dead links and added 2 torrent sites for now.

      If people find stream links I’ll add them, but I stopped listening long ago and I’ll keep the torrent links for now.

  • Mike

    Have an iPhone…what is best app to use for the torrent links? I can’t seem to figure how to download off these sites..please any suggestions would be helpful thx

    • Cito

      well there are torrent apps for android, but for iphone you’d need a jailbroken iphone as torrent apps arent allowed on the apple app store, but they are on the google store.

      best is a program on your computer to grab the mp3 then transfer the mp3 to the iphone.

  • Superfan

    Oh please, oh please… someone post a streaming link asap, I need my Stern Show fix.


    mother-effer! it’s like losing a member of the family! eff you, dana!! (oops…wrong party.) what a drag, huh? like the revolving free trial idea, but it requires a credit card. curses…foiled again by those stern lawyers. :-( bababooey to y’all!

    • Cito

      You don’t need a credit card, you can try finding a throw away email address and sign up for 30 day trial, no credit card needed. At end of 30 days, sign up again for 30 day trial with a new email address, some of the temporary email websites are blocked, but there’s a few possibilities.

  • fatay

    You are the man…thanks again for everything! What good is the greatest show on earth if mofos can’t hear the bitch?? Tigga, please.

    • Cito

      Yea sorry for streams, Stern’s popularity has dropped so much, especially him being 100% politically correct now. The streamers got bored, tired, or wasn’t worth hassle. There are some private streams, I think a couple guys that got their sites taken down moved to new domain and started it all back up.

      But I quit listening about a year and half ago. But you can still get the daily torrents at the 2 links I’ve posted. Torrents are more convenient anyhow, can listen immediately upon download, or load them on your mobile device and listen when you want to, and can skip all the commercial spam.

      But if anyone posts stream in comments or I happen to see one I’ll post it. Ive got a hacked serious receiver with mod card, hell I may eventually set it up and stream here on dude suit radio.

      If you like trance, trip hop, house, I do stream 24/7 radio stream which I’ve ran myself for couple years, has about 2500 tracks in the jukebox.


    Whats the new howard stern link dues??

    I guess its not wise to post it here anymore……. Im not sure…..

  • DawgRules

    Thanks for all you’re done, Dude. You gave me years of great Stern freebies :) I hope you stream on your own.

    For those of us that don’t torrent, full shows pop up on Youtube usually hours after the show ends.

    Again, thanks, Dude

    Hola FSFN !!

    Mutt sucks Ivanballs

    • Cito

      I run Dude Suit Radio personally. Its 24/7 trance/ trip hop/ house music zero ads , I don’t talk on it, I wrote a script in Perl that picks next track at random from playlist. The playlist gets updated nightly at midnight so as I add new music it auto adds to station.

      At very top of page click dude suit radio or here: http://www.dude-suit.net/dude-suit-radio/

      I may add other genres, and I’ve debated perhaps renting out streams to folks that would like to run their own stations. But I’m still debating…

      But dude suit radio I run myself, as long as server is up which I own. Its a colocated box 😛

  • Joey

    Wish there was a live stream of the show, I can’t sign up for Sirius, I’m all the way in Australia! I hope someone posts a link Soon. Like listening to the show LIVE

  • Joey

    Thanks anyway for posting links in the past, hopefully it continues

  • Baba Booey

    Howard 100. PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Derek Poole

    Does anyone have a working link to the stern show shuffle with all the old shows or a link to all of the stern show archives? The ones from early 90’s to early 2000’s are the best!

  • Gene

    The torrent links that are provided kick ass, and Utorrent works great with my 5 year old Android. Dude Suit; I can’t thank you enough!

  • Pablo

    Does anyone know why I can’t play these new streams on my iPad? The old ones worked great on my iPod touch.

  • Pablo

    By the way Cito, thanks for all the Stern! Cool music too.


    I read above HOWARD STERN is now 100% Politically Correct… WHY??????

    NOT EVEN WORTH LISTENING THIS SHOW THEN….. Its like he is back on radio!!

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